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Occupational Therapy Services

Live Oak Kids is a pediatric mobile OT practice, providing services in your home, local parks, and local nature areas. We offer individualized OT services as well as Consultative Services to address the following areas:  

  •  Visual Perceptual Skills

  •  Oculomotor/Visual Motor Skills

  •  Fine motor/Handwriting Skills 

  •  Sensory Processing/Self-Regulation Skills

  •  Social-Emotional Skills

  •  Self -Care Skills/ADL's


We utilize a strengths based approach and a variety of intervention models and curriculums to enhance your child's skills and confidence.  We utilize treatment approaches such as Sensory Integration, Neuromotor Interventions, Reflex Integration, Yoga, Oculomotor Rehabilitation, Size Matters Handwriting Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, Kimochi's Social Emotional Curriculum, and Zones of Regulation.